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restorative dentistry

Smile Restoration

Dental technology and techniques offer a number of options to repair or replace damaged, decayed or missing teeth. Restorative dentistry combines durable materials to restore strength and function with esthetics to match the size, shape and shade of your natural teeth.

Our Restorative Dental Services include:

Dental Fillings

When tooth enamel is destroyed by decay, the damaged area is removed and structurally repaired with a dental filling. Composite dental bonding materials are more popular today than silver (amalgam) fillings for repairing small to medium-sized areas of decay. Composite fillings are mercury-free and come in a variety of shades to match the natural tooth.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown may be necessary to restore large areas of decay, structurally repair a damaged tooth, or to replace old, worn-out dental restorations. Crowns cover the entire tooth surface and can be designed with porcelain facings over metal or all-porcelain, depending on biting forces and location of the tooth in the mouth. Learn more about dental crowns.

Dental Bridges

When one or more teeth are missing, a dental bridge can be used preserve that space in the mouth. This serves to restore bite and function as well as to protect remaining teeth from shifting into the open space. A bridge can be affixed to adjacent teeth or secured with dental implants. The fixed prosthetic is then restored with crowns for a natural look and feel.

Complete & Partial Dentures

Complete and partial dentures offer tooth replacement when many or all of the natural teeth have been lost. These removable appliances are made of flexible acrylic and are often combined with dental implants for added stability. Learn more about complete and partial dentures.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are small, cylinder-shaped devices that are inserted in the place of a missing tooth, then restored with a crown. They may also serve as anchors for a dental bridge or denture when multiple teeth have been lost. Learn more about the process of dental implant restoration.

At Whitaker Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, our aim is always to preserve the health and vitality of natural teeth whenever possible. When restoration or replacement is necessary, our dentist will take the most conservative approach to restoring your teeth to achieve your smile goals. Contact us to schedule a consultation.